Wednesday, September 15, 2010

can ya tell I'm busy?

So, we"re 4 weeks in now.  This week is our first round of exams, then one more next week.  Several courses this semester seem to rely more heavily on outside assignments for grades rather than just exams.  This has its good and bad points.  Of course, one usually does better on homework assignments, the trouble is finding the time to do them.  Oh well, it'll get done.  I do my best work about 3 minutes before something's due anyway.

So far this semester is so drastically different than last year.  The labs actually help to reinforce what we are learning, not just teaching you completely separate things, this is a nice change.  We technically are taking more hours this semester (22 I think) but it certainly feels like less.  The classes are more intense though, and staying caught up is key--I of course don't adhere to this very well, but I am really trying.  Bugs and drugs are taking over my life...parasitology and pharmacology pretty much consume my free time.  But at least I find it interesting.  And who knew a you tell maggots apart by there tracheas?  This is excellent info I am certain I will use again.  Is the sarcasm coming across?

I am also strangely enjoying working this semester.  Someday's it's super boring, but other days are spent at the farm doing physical exams, trimming feet, vaccinating, palpating, and just generally being in the sunshine.  It is a nice break from the 9-5 school all day routine.  And a lot of what I do is reinforcing what I learn in class.  Someday's I just wash glass ware and clean up after people, but other days I really love it.  Mostly, I think I like it because it's a change, I am not stuck in the building all day.  Maybe my vitamin D levels will go up this year.

I wish I had more stories to tell, but not a lot has happened yet.  That may change after I get these first exams returned, but until then I'm fine  sitting on my little ray of sunshine : )